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The way it works:

4 quick steps to internationalisation 

As a participant, exhibitor or visitor, b2fair enables to preview other companies’ profiles thereby allowing you to choose and decide on potential clients you wish to meet at the event.

The registration process passes as follows:

  1. Register online outlining the activities and partnership proposals of your company. Your registration profile will be published in the online catalogue.
  2. With your username and password you request meetings with participants published in the online catalogue.
  3. Prior to the matchmaking event, you receive your individual meeting schedule.
  4. You meet with the companies during the event to discuss your partnership proposals.

Flexible concept & unique matchmaking formula for successful partnerships

  • Each participant can request on an average 10-12 business appointments per day.
  • An interpretation service will be guaranteed if requested (additional service)
  • Each matchmaking event will also offer networking at a social level;.
  • The ‘’b2fair Assisted Matchmaking Help Desk’’, which suggests potential business meetings for your company.
  • Registrations & meetings requests will also be possible on the spot.
  • At least 3 updates of your meeting schedule are planned per matchmaking day.
  • In order to optimise your participation at a trade fair, amendments and updates to your meetings schedule will be possible at any time.