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Matchmaking is a highly focused form of networking in which you can introduce your business to both potential partners and new markets in a simple and fast away. It has become a valuable and integral part of many business conferences in which professionals can identify and launch new business partnerships in short meetings.

Most of the b2fair matchmaking events that are organised in the framework of trade fairs and involve the participation of two different categories of companies namely exhibitors and visitors. The matchmaking event in this case takes places at 3 different levels: Exhibitors – Exhibitors / Exhibitors – Visitors / Visitors – Visitors.

Fill out the online matchmaking form and create your own business profile. By explaining the products and services that you offer and by describing what kind of future cooperation partners or partnerships you search, your online offer/request profile will introduce you and your company to potential business partners.

The administrator is able to define all parameters of the matchmaking event in the system. This includes the following aspects:


  • Setting up a new matchmaking event: The administrator is able to set up a new event which includes the setting up of an event website and the matchmaking parameters.


  • Dates and exact timings of the matchmaking event: An event can vary from 1 day to multiple days. Hence, the system involves the possibility for the administrator to define the dates and the timings for each day.
  • Meeting slots: The administrator is able to define the slots for the meetings. This includes the specific time reserved for the meeting and a break between meetings to give companies the time to prepare for the next meeting.


  • Interpreters: The system allows the registration of interpreters in order to be taken into account when two companies have not chosen a common communication language in their registration form.


  • Multiple company representations: The system takes into account the fact that one person would like to represent numerous companies. In this case, the system consolidates the meeting requests of all the companies.


  • Definition of the meeting place: The system allows the administrator to define the meeting places. Below the different possibilities:
    • Meetings at exhibition stands and matchmaking area: In this case, the system takes into account that the meetings could take place in both exhibitor stands as well as the matchmaking area. The following logic applies:
      • When an exhibitor requests a meeting with another exhibitor, the meeting will be organised on the stand of the company that has been asked (i.e. the requesting party has to go to the stand of the company that has been asked for a meeting);
      • When the exhibitor asks a meeting with a visitor, the latter has to go to the exhibitor stand;
      • If the exhibitor chooses to have its meetings in the matchmaking area, it will be treated as a visitor;
      • Meetings between visitors will be organised in the matchmaking area.
      • Other scenarios can also be possible on specific request.
    • Meetings in the matchmaking area: In this case, all the meetings will be organised in the matchmaking area.
    • Special cases (Buyers / VIP): Some events give a special treatment to buyers where a special area is dedicated to them. For this category of participants, all meetings take place in the matchmaking area on a special (fixed) table.


  • Allocation of tables: The system allows the administrator to enter the number of available tables. In addition, based on the meetings requested by companies, the system is able to allocate tables to the meetings requested by companies.
  • Display of meeting slots: Based on the timings and dates specified in the above step, the system generates the meeting slots available for companies. The slots displayed are customised for every company according to their availability mentioned in the “My b2fair” section in the registration form.
  • Booking of meetings: The system allows companies to book meetings with the registered companies in the “My b2fair” section of the website. Once the companies logon, they have the possibility to view the list of companies and the sector of activity (by clicking on a company, the detailed profile of the company opens in another window). While selecting their meeting requests, the system generates a list of available meeting slots based on the availability of both meeting counterparts.
  • Management of second and third participants of a company: Based on the preference indicated in the registration form (on whether the 2nd and 3rd participants would like to have their meetings separately), the system allows multiple participants of a company to schedule their meetings individually (up to 3 participants minimum).
  • Declining of meetings: The system allows companies to decline meetings.
  • Priority function: The system allows the company to prioritise the meetings in the order of importance.
  • Mapping function: The system is able to suggest meetings for the companies based on the sectors and codes selected.

We guarantee a seamless transmission of data for the realization and implementation of your future event. Besides we provide an intelligent software system that stores your data so that you are able to pick your data from previous events. Your data is protected and not passed on.

Additional services can be added for an additional charge. You should formulate your specific needs at an early stage of the event management in order to discuss your wishes with the b2fair team.

To access the software you need internet connection.