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With over 25 year of experience in organising matchmaking events, the b2fair team offers you an efficient and result oriented event platform.

We offer you 2 possibilities: you could either license the tool or you could request b2fair for their premium mentoring support to assist you in organising of your event with you.


As your partner for successful Matchmaking Events, b2fair can set up your events within five days regardless of the number of participants you are considering. 3 packages are available for you to choose from according to the number of participants expected at your event.

For more information on the pricing

Licensing price for multi events*

* Contact the b2fair team for a multiple event offer for Mini or Grand events.

Premium mentoring support: (price on request)

  • Personalised support & expert advice (flat rate of 10 hours)
  • Mentoring of the event during the whole matchmaking process and proactive assistance offered to the organiser / administrator (global flat rate)
  • Partner promotion & set up of a tailored partner strategy for the event
  • (global flat rate)
  • Event promotion via the international b2fair database (global flat rate)
  • Carrying out of the evaluation of the event & delivery of final results(global flat rate)

Co-organisation of matchmaking event*:

In addition to the above 2 aspects, b2fair welcomes the opportunity to co-organise events with partners under the b2fair brand umbrella. We will partner with you to provide the tool, offering various services such as the following:

  • Promotional support & guidance to build a partner network;
  • Promotion amongst companies of b2fair events;
  • Mentoring with regard to the overall running of the event;
  • Assistance with the practical unfolding of the event (generation of the meeting schedules, organising the matchmaking area…);
  • Presence during the events and assistance at the information desk;
  • Assistance with the evaluation;

In case of interest in this module, do not hesitate to contact the b2fair coordination unit for more information & the conditions.

* This decision for b2fair to apply this model is based on our interest in the sector, the trade fair or the country.